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Check-up Appointment

We believe that regular check ups are the best way to keep dental treatment to a minimum and financial costs down.

At a check- up appointment we normally take some radiographs (x-rays), monitor the health of your mouth and your teeth and gums. We will monitor any signs of cancer, infections, tooth decay, broken teeth, any dental abscess, gum disease, bad breath and tooth loss etc.

We will give you appropriate advice depending on our findings.

Periodontics (Gum Disease)

Our main aim is to keep patients’ natural teeth for life. At White Orchid we offer various gum disease treatments to prevent bleeding gums, gum infections, bad breath and try to secure loose teeth.

Where gum disease is very severe we offer treatments to make the gum re-grow or, if tooth loss is unavoidable, we will offer alternative techniques to replace teeth with the most natural feeling.

Fillings and Inlays

The most commonly used filling is composite which is a plastic material which comprises of small glass particles.

There are also inlays which are fillings made by a dental technician and they are glued into the cavity. It takes normally two visits to do these fillings. They can either be made of porcelain or a heat and pressure cured composite plastic material. The average life of an inlay is often longer than other composite fillings.

Dental Crowns, Veneers & Bridges

These are used to replace missing teeth or to strengthen damaged teeth , these will extremely improve the appearance of your teeth. Crowns, Veneers & Bridges are attached to your own teeth. At White Orchid we try to use the best and latest cosmetic dentistry materials to construct them.


This procedure is done to save a dead or dying tooth and also to prevent or treat dental infections that cause discomfort. Often endodontics treatments are followed by a crown being fitted to strengthen the teeth and improve the appearance.

Oral Surgery

We perform a wide range of oral surgical procedures such as removal of wisdom teeth and buried teeth and treatment of tooth infections.

Our aim is the comfort of the patient while carrying out these procedures.


Orthodontics (braces) is the treatment of crooked teeth. It often improves your appearance so you can feel more confident. Straighter teeth may also improve your dental health because crooked teeth are usually harder to clean therefore you might suffer more dental problems.

We now use braces that are almost invisible so you don't need to be concerned about the appearance of metal braces. For more information, contact the clinic.

Dental Implants

At White Orchid our main aim is to keep your own teeth for life however where teeth have been lost we can provide the most natural alternative for replacement through dental implant therapy.

The procedure involves the placement of small titanium inserts (artificial tooth roots) into bone. This procedure is followed by attachment of a fixed natural feeling tooth. Dental implants involve a minor surgery which is often easily managed by the patients.

Facial Aesthetics

At White Orchid we offer a range of Facial Aesthetic treatments.

Various treatments are used to relax facial muscles to reduce lines and wrinkles in areas such as forehead and crow’s feet, also treatments to enhance lip definition and fullness are available.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to promote new collagen and elastin formation to hydrate skin and give a firm, healthy, youthful glow and promote natural skin regeneration and scar repair.


Prevention is always better than a cure. We strive to back up all treatments by thorough dental preventative care and to help every patient to look after their teeth and maintain the health.

Dental Anxiety

At White Orchid Dental Clinic we are very understanding of people who are anxious and nervous having dental treatments done.

Within our team we have a qualified psychologist specialised in dental anxiety who offers her services to facilitate the treatments for the patients when they attend our clinic. We pride ourselves on having helped many people to feel more relaxed and that these patients have successfully completed their course of treatment and got their teeth and gums healthy and are now coming for further treatment.

As well as being very understanding, we offer IV (Intra venous) sedation to make the patient feel sleepy and relaxed throughout the treatment (patient needs to be looked after with a friend company afterwards).

When you turn up for your appointment and you feel you cannot cope with it on that day, we will use the time to talk about your treatment and make it managable for you.

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Not caring for your oral health can seriously affect the most basic enjoyments in life such as the ability to eat, talk, laugh and look attractive.

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Many of our treatments are not listed here. We are happy to give a written quotation for any dental treatment following a thorough examination.

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